Type    Turn, Combo
Level    Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names   The Octopus (when done twice or more), Reverse Pretzel
Comes From    Butterfly Open PositionHammerlockSliding Door
Leads To    Butterfly Open PositionHammerlockToss Away Spin


In the Pretzel, the leader and follower’s hands are connected in open position, and through a series of turns they turn back-to-back and then wrap around to Open Position.

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Shadow Position

Type    Position, Progressive
Level     Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names   Cape Position, Varsouvienne
Comes From    Cross-Handed Open PositionOpen PositionInside Turn (Right-to-right), LassoDouble LassoBelt LoopBack LeanSide Lean, Tunnel 
Leads To    Cross-Handed Open PositionLassoDouble LassoBack Lean (lead in front), Side Lean, Shoulder Lean, Shoulder Dip,
The Guitar, Basic Step, Tunnel, Can Opener


In Shadow Position, partners are right-to-right, left-to-left with one person beside and slightly behind the other.

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Fall Through Dip

Type    Dip   Combo
Level     Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names    Cuddle Pull Up Dip Combo, Dip & Drop, Sneak Attack Dip
Comes From    Cuddle (perpendicular position), Open Position
Leads To    Spin OutInside Turn


This move is a combo with a twist. Most follows won’t see it coming but it will be a fun surprise! Be sure they are familiar with both the Cuddle Dip and Pull Up Dip before trying this combo, since it combines both. It is also called a “dip & drop” since the leader dips the follower than drops her through.

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