Triple Hip Combo

Type  Combo
Level   Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names   Combo Three, Spin Out/Lean/Hip Lift
Comes From  The Cuddle,
Leads To   Basic Dip, Suicide Dip


The Triple Hip is a combination which incorporates these moves:

  • The Princess Dip with modifications: 
    • Keep your feet planted in a wide stance. You may take a quarter turn with your left foot before the dip for added stability.  
    • With your right hand, throw it back and let go after the last spin out. This will minimize the confusion of which dip will happen and which direction you want your follow to spin.
    • Allow the follow to drape her hand over your shoulder. This will be easier than catching their hand mid-spin.
  • The Suicide Dip
  • The Shoulder Four Lift [Donnie Robbins, True Country].



  • Stay in the same place on the dance floor for the whole move.
  • You can plant your feet through the whole move, or you can style them when you get comfortable with the sequence. 
  • Working horizontally or vertically on the dance floor will work a lot better than diagonally. I would recommend finding a large clear space for this move.
  • If your space gets hijacked by another couple, modify or stop the move short of the ending. 
  • The hand signals for the Basic Dip, Suicide Dip and Shoulder Four Lift are very different. Be sure to communicate clearly which one you want.


  • On the Spin Out extend from your partner’s side always, never angle outward since it could mess up your footwork.
  • You may extend your arm fully horizontal on the Spin Out (this looks best), but if you don’t have the space for it, you can also put your arm up or down. Remember to wrap it toward your body when you come back in.
  • If your lead wants the Basic Dip ending, grab his outer shoulder on the way back in so you can dip safely.


  • Since this is a combo, these moves can be done in isolation. You could also stop short of the whole sequence.
    • If you do choose to alter the sequence you should have clear hand or verbal signals. If it’s a new dance partner, why not try both?
  • It is not recommended to reorder the moves unless you’re working with a specific dance partner for a choreographed sequence.

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