Shoulder Lean

Type Lean
Level Beginner 3
Other Names
Comes From R-to-R Open Position, Belt Loop,
Leads To Open Facing,


This move begins the same way as the Bow & Arrow, but instead of the lead pushing the follow away, the lead makes the follow lean on his side. It can be followed up with some pretty dips and turns to make for a well-polished combo.

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Side Lean

Type   Lean
Level   Level 4 Intermediate
Other Names
Comes From   Shadow Position (lead in front, hands low), Double LassoBelt Loop, Loop, Inside Turn (right-to-right)
Leads To   Shadow Position (lead in front), Lasso (right-to-right)Belt Loop, Open Position (left to right, front facing)


For the Side Lean, the leader positions the follower beside him in a low cross-handed position, then lunges to the side to have her lean against him and wrap her leg around him. It is very stylish and flirtatious. This is similar to the Back Lean.

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