Type    Spin, Circle
Level     Level 5 Intermediate
Comes From    Crossed Arm Slide
Leads To    Double LassoBreak Up, Spinneroo


This classic two-step move is fun. In the Window, the leader spins the follower to create an arm window between them. I like to make faces at them through the window, but you can do what you like.

  1. Do the Crossed Arm Slide to Cross-Handed Open Position with upside down handshake.
  2. Spin the follow two times CCW.
  3. Toward the end of the last spin, bring your arms into the window shape: your left forearm is vertical, and your right wrist is horizontal resting across it. Your elbow needs to be next to your follow’s shoulder.
  4. Walk around in a circle.
  5. Let go with the right hand, and re-position it underneath the “window.” Turn the follow clockwise to make the window going the other direction.
  6. Lead the follow to do two counter-clockwise spins to get out of the move.
  7. End with the break up, or launch into a double lasso or another move suggested above.


  •  You can walk around as long as you want to, which makes this move good for stalling time.


  • Three clockwise turns will also reverse the move.
  • Another way to reverse the move: Let go of the hand that’s in the middle of the window, and reach behind your back for your follow’s hand, then spin the follow twice.
  • The lead can duck under both arms, then spin the follow.

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