Type    Turn
Level    Level 2 Beginner
Other Names   Chained Inside Turns, Arches, Belt Loop, Belt Buckle, Infinity Loop, Head Loop, Loop-de-loop
Comes From    Open Position, Outside TurnTornadoBelt Loop
ArchBack LeanHip Push SpinStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To   Inside Turn, Cuddle, Cuddle DipTornadoBelt LoopSpinneroo
ArchToss Away SpinBack Lean


The Loop combines the Inside Turn and Cuddle. It is an inside turn for the follower, followed by an inside turn for the leader. It begins from Open Position.

The Loop and Belt Loop are very similar, and people will often call both moves by the same name. If there is a hand lead through the inside of the frame just like an inside turn, it is a Loop. If the hands cross at the belt line only, it’s a Belt Loop.


The leader’s footwork throughout is L R L, R L R with counts 1 & 2, 3 & 4. On the first half you turn to the left, then the second half to the right.

  1. Begin in Butterfly open position with both hands connected.
  2. On beat 1, step forward past your partner with your Left foot, bring your belly button to your left hand, and your right hand up between you and your partner.
  3. On the &, take a 90-degree turn to the left as you step with right foot next to your left. Loop your right arm over your own head. The follower will be behind you, and trace your back to reconnect with your hand and arm to reconnect in the next step.
  4. On beat 2, complete the 180-degree turn by rocking back on the left foot. Reconnect to open position.
  5. On beat 3, step forward with your right foot and bring your left arm up. Maintain the low hand connection to trace her back in the next step.
  6. On the & take a 90-degree turn to the right as you step your left foot to your right, and bring your left arm over your follower’s head. Trace the follower’s back with your low hand, then trace her arm to reconnect with her hand.
  7. On beat 4, as the follower completes the turn, rock back on the right foot, and reconnect hands into Butterfly open position. 


Footwork for followers is the opposite of the leader’s– R L R, L R L and turning right first then left. Counts are still 1&2, 3&4.

  1. On beat 1 step your right foot past the leader, and trace his back.
  2. On & step your left foot forward and pivot to the right.
  3. On beat 2 rock step back on your right foot and reconnect with the leader’s free hand–now you have both hands connected.
  4. On beat 3 step past the leader with your left foot as he puts you into an Inside Turn.
  5. On the & step your right foot forward and pivot to the left to complete the turn.
  6. On beat 4 rock step back on your left foot.


  • Both leader and follower, maintain connection through the turn by tracing your partner’s back, then forearm to reconnect with their hand. Hands should always find each other.
  • If you lose the connection of the low hand, continue with an inside or outside turn.
  • If you miss the high hand connection, you can complete the Belt Loop instead.
  • This is a great move to do when you’re waiting for space to open up, or waiting for a particular moment in the song to do a dip or other move.
  • Retain forearm tension by drawing your elbows to your sides. This will reserve your space and help your connection.


  • Do the move continuously.
  • There is another move like the Loop but with the only connection being that back tracing hand. It’s called the Belt Loop. The difference between the two is whether your arms are low or high. They can be combined together easily, for instance, a common combo is–Belt loop for the leader, Loop for the follower.

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