Type    Turn, Combo
Level    Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names   The Octopus (when done twice or more), Reverse Pretzel
Comes From    Butterfly Open PositionHammerlockSliding Door
Leads To    Butterfly Open PositionHammerlockToss Away Spin


In the Pretzel, the leader and follower’s hands are connected in open position, and through a series of turns they turn back-to-back and then wrap around to Open Position.

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Type    Lead Turn
Level     Level 1 Beginner
Other Names   Lead’s Underarm Turn, Lace (usually done over one partner’s head then the other)
Comes From    Open PositionLoopBelt LoopInside TurnStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To    Open Position, Open Facing R-to-R,  LoopBelt LoopLasso


Sometimes Leaders want to turn too! If that’s the case for you, then this is perfect! It’s essentially an Outside Turn that is lead and performed by the Leader.

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Type    Turn
Level    Level 2 Beginner
Other Names   Chained Inside Turns, Arches, Belt Loop, Belt Buckle, Infinity Loop, Head Loop, Loop-de-loop
Comes From    Open Position, Outside TurnTornadoBelt Loop
ArchBack LeanHip Push SpinStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To   Inside Turn, Cuddle, Cuddle DipTornadoBelt LoopSpinneroo
ArchToss Away SpinBack Lean


The Loop combines the Inside Turn and Cuddle. It is an inside turn for the follower, followed by an inside turn for the leader. It begins from Open Position.

The Loop and Belt Loop are very similar, and people will often call both moves by the same name. If there is a hand lead through the inside of the frame just like an inside turn, it is a Loop. If the hands cross at the belt line only, it’s a Belt Loop.

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Crossed Arm Slide

Type   Transition Move, Position, ComboTurn, Circle
Level   Level 3 Beginner
Other Names   Bow Tie, Arm Slide, Double Arm Slide, Double Overhead Slide, Double Arch Bridge Slide, Butterfly
Comes From   Butterfly Open PositionOutside Turn, Tornado, Zig-zag
Leads To   Tabletop, Duck Under Spin, Double LassoWindowHigh Five Spin, Right-to Right Open Position, Tunnel Tabletop Combo, Gravedigger, Tunnel 


The Crossed Arm Slide is one of the easiest ways to get into a cross-handed position. The leader guides the follow to loop her arm over her head while he does the same, then they slide off to a right-to-right hand hold.

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Belt Loop

Type   Turn
Level     Level 1 Beginner
Other Names   Back Slide, Belt Buckle, Waist Slide
Comes From    Open Position, Outside TurnTornadoLoop
ArchToss Away SpinSide LeanHip Push SpinStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To    LoopInside Turn, Cuddle, Cuddle DipTornado
ArchLasso (end Right-to-right), Toss Away SpinSide Lean,
Tunnel Tabletop Combo (end Right-to-Right), Shoulder Lean (RR),


The Belt Loop (or Back Slide) is a spin for the leader. He turns into his own arm at the belt-line, and lets the follower trace his back to reconnect in Open Position.

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Type    Turn, Spin
Level     Level 4 Intermediate
Other Names Behind the Back Pass
Comes From    Crossed Arm Slide
Leads To    Open Facing or ButterflyBasic StepBelt LoopLoopZig-zag


The Tornado is a behind the back hand-off, that includes a 180-degree turn for the leader and 1.5 spins for the follower. The leader turns the follower behind him, then switches her hand to his other hand to bring her to the other side with a spin.

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Type    Turn
Level     Level 4 Intermediate
Other Names    ___
Comes From    Cross-Handed Open PositionBelt Loop, ArchShadow PositionOutside Turn (cross-handed)
Leads To    Shadow PositionOutside Turn (cross-handed)


There are several other moves in the dance world called “The Lasso,” (ropers can do lots of different tricks, that’s probably why they have so many!). This basic one is called “The Lasso” because it looks the most like if you were to mime a lasso in slow motion. The follower walks around the leader slowly and elegantly.

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Type    Turn
Level    Level 6 Intermediate
Other Names   Double Chicken Wing
Comes From    Cross-Handed Open PositionCrossed Arm Slide, Belt Loop (end with Cross-Hand Grip), Sliding DoorSliding Door Dip, Tunnel 
Leads To    Cross-Handed Open PositionBreak Up, Fall For Me Dip, Toss Away Spin, Tunnel 


The Tabletop is a cross-handed move where the lead bends from the waist to sweep his arm across his back, then leads the follower to do the same.

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