Level 2 Beginner

Be sure you understand and can perform all the essential moves from Level 1 before proceeding to Level 2. The following moves are mostly variations of those.

Bonus Moves:

Barrel Roll
Country Swing Step
Circular Walk with Cuddle or Hammerlock position
Rhythm Two Step Basic Step with Cuddle or Hammerlock position

Techniques for Success at Level 2:

  • All of the techniques from Level 1, plus:
  • The lead is moving his feet while the follow is spinning
  • The follow’s steps during the spins are small and on the balls of her feet
  • Combine moves from level 1-2 together to create combos
  • There is an improved sense of frame and connection
  • Improved arm tension without yanking
  • Back step/Rock step is used at the extension of a move to maintain connection through arm tension, and fuels momentum into the next move
  • The lead can navigate the dance floor safely