Ravioli Twist

Type Combo
Level Intermediate 6
Other Names Ravioli Shimmy
Comes From Double Lasso, Cross-Handed Open Position, Hand Change
Leads To Inside Turn, Open Facing R-to-R, Bow and Arrow,


The Ravioli is a weird move on its own, but look what it you can do with it! In this combo, the leader wraps the follower’s arms over like a straight jacket, then rotates her so the opposite hand is on top. After that, the follower twists down to the floor.


  1.  It’s easiest to start with the Double Lasso a few times to build momentum. On the follow’s last turn, instead of stepping through for your turn, spin her twice a tiny bit faster:
    • The first of these will be like a Double Lasso. The second one is like a Cuddle Turn, but you will wind up with your arms crossed behind her back instead.
    • In order to get the Cuddle Turn part, bring your left hand low before the follow finishes the last Double Lasso turn.
  2. Press your right forearm into her left shoulder with a clockwise motion, pressing forward so she knows to duck. At the same time, pull your left arm through to the left. The combination of these indicates to the follow that you want her to duck and spin. Follow through with both arms sweeping over the follow until your arms are crossed the other way behind the her back. This concludes the Ravioli part of the combo.
    • Even with good leading it’s unlikely that a follow who is unfamiliar with this move will know what to do. That is why this is a more advanced move.
  3. Bring your arms up and out to uncross them, then out horizontal to the ground, next to your follow’s shoulders. Press your right shoulder forward to guide the follow to twist to the left. Repeat on the left, then again on the right bringing your arms lower but keeping your body upright.
    • Your hands act as walls to your follow, she will compress against one hand then spring off the other direction.
    • You can do this however many times you need, especially in a choreographed routine. However, for social dancing, I find the rule of three to be the most consistent way to practice this move.
  4. After three twists L-R-L, your follow should be prepared to do an Inside Turn to your right. Push and let go with your left hand, and bring your right hand over her head to finish with this turn. You will be cross-handed when you finish.
    • If you do more than 3 twists, or start to the right instead, the easiest way to remember which hand does what is to push off with the hand that is compressed, and hold on with the other.


  1. When you feel the lead press on your shoulder, bend your knees and bend forward at the hips, turn your right foot out then your left foot around to turn. You will need to press off your left foot more to get it the rest of the way around.
  2. When you do the twist, put your weight on your toes, and bend your knees to twist lower.
  3. After the last Twist, when you feel a little push from the lead’s hand, push off your foot on the same side hard to spin 540-degrees around to face him.


  •  Ravioli:
    • Leads: if you haven’t tried changing speed throughout the Double Lasso you might want to do that a few times before this move. Specifically, spin the follow quickly when she is in front of you and slower when she is moving behind you. The momentum from the Double Lasso prepares you for the Ravioli because if you speed up through the turn the follow will want to continue spinning counter-clockwise.
    • Both, when you transition from the Double Lasso Turn to the Cuddle Turn, open your hand and let your fingers glide around in a circle in your partner’s hand. Catch and hold when the follow is facing away from the lead.
  • Twist:
    • Leads, without the push at the end of the Twist, the follow’s spin will lose energy and she will have to work extra hard to get back around to you. Help her spring into that spin.


  •  Ravioli can be done in isolation, or one way and then reverse the move to go back and forth.
  • Ravioli Trust Fall, and other ending variations.
  • You can also do multiple spins on the exit from the Twist. This depends on how low the follow goes, and how slowly the lead raises his right hand to guide her upward.

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