The Guitar

Type Lift
Level Advanced 7
Other Names The Swan
Comes From Belt Loop Shadow Position
Leads To Basket, Carousel


This move rocks! The leader will hold the follower like a guitar in a graceful and impressive lift. It’s easier than you might think.


  1.  From Belt Loop Shadow, initiate an Inside Turn with your right hand and step to the left for a wide stance. Interrupt and end the turn by bringing your arm over your own head. The follow should be basically in front of your right leg.
  2. Maintain your right hand on your follow’s waist, bend down and reach behind your follow’s left thigh to take a hold of her leg.
  3. Use your knees to lift her up and swing her leg to the left so her right hip rests on your left thigh. Your left leg is bent into a lunge, your right leg is straight.
  4. Swing her back up to the right into a Basket or Carousel, change directions and step around to spin counter-clockwise.


  1. Keep your left arm over your lead’s shoulder.
  2. You may place your right hand over his for more stability and connection.
  3. When you are airborne, lift and place the sole of your right boot on or near your inner left thigh.
  4. When the lead swings you back to the right, bring your knees together and keep your legs bent for the Basket.
    • For the Carousel, cross your right leg over your left. Like you’re sitting pretty in a chair.





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