Type    Turn, Combo
Level    Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names   The Octopus (when done twice or more), Reverse Pretzel
Comes From    Butterfly Open PositionHammerlockSliding Door
Leads To    Butterfly Open PositionHammerlockToss Away Spin


In the Pretzel, the leader and follower’s hands are connected in open position, and through a series of turns they turn back-to-back and then wrap around to Open Position.

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Can Opener

Type Aerial, Combo, Lift, Flip (Handstand)
Level Advanced 7
Other Names Scissors
Comes From Open Position, Cuddle, Belt Loop Shadow Position, Inside Turn, Bread Basket,
Leads To Open Position, Open Position R-to-R,


In the Can Opener, the leader carries the follower, swings her leg over his neck, and flips her over to the other side. There are several versions including a hand stand and swing around. This aerial move looks more complicated than it is. All it requires is some trust and practice!

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Ravioli Twist

Type Combo
Level Intermediate 6
Other Names Ravioli Shimmy
Comes From Double Lasso, Cross-Handed Open Position, Hand Change
Leads To Inside Turn, Open Facing R-to-R, Bow and Arrow,


The Ravioli is a weird move on its own, but look what it you can do with it! In this combo, the leader wraps the follower’s arms over like a straight jacket, then rotates her so the opposite hand is on top. After that, the follower twists down to the floor.

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The Arizona Winter

Type Combo
Level Intermediate 6
Comes From Inside Turn
Leads To Open Position


A true AZ original. My friend Adam invented this combo in the Winter of 2018. He named it the Arizona Winter because of its resemblance to our weather: “This year winter couldn’t decide if it wanted to stay or go. So it keeps leaving and coming back, just like this move.” It combines elements of the Belt Loop, Tabletop, The Lean and Bow & Arrow.

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Crossed Arm Slide

Type   Transition Move, Position, ComboTurn, Circle
Level   Level 3 Beginner
Other Names   Bow Tie, Arm Slide, Double Arm Slide, Double Overhead Slide, Double Arch Bridge Slide, Butterfly
Comes From   Butterfly Open PositionOutside Turn, Tornado, Zig-zag
Leads To   Tabletop, Duck Under Spin, Double LassoWindowHigh Five Spin, Right-to Right Open Position, Tunnel Tabletop Combo, Gravedigger, Tunnel 


The Crossed Arm Slide is one of the easiest ways to get into a cross-handed position. The leader guides the follow to loop her arm over her head while he does the same, then they slide off to a right-to-right hand hold.

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