Toss Away Spin

Type    Spin
Level     Level 3 Beginner
Other Names    Revolver (when both partners turn), Rollaway
Comes From    Cross-Handed Open PositionLoopBelt LoopOpen PositionPretzelInside Turn
Leads To    Outside TurnInside TurnOpen Position (various), Belt Loop,


This is a free spin where the leader tosses his hands quickly to the side and releases to get the follower to spin. The leader may also spin–this variation is called The Revolver.

From Butterfly Position or Cross-Handed Open Position:

  1. On beat 3 give a little prep “check” by bringing your hands to the right.
  2. On the next beat toss your hands open to the left. The follow will do a free spin (which means you aren’t in contact for the spin).
  3. Trace the follow’s elbow to her hand to reconnect in Open Position, Butterfly Position, Open Facing, etc. depending on what your next move will be.

Single-Handed Revolver Variation From an Inside Turn:

  1. Keep the momentum from the turn going into the same direction of the revolver turn; then on your last turn, as the follow is completing her turn, bring your arm down, toss it through between you and your partner with a bit more force than a normal turn, and let go as you do this. Turn yourself away in the same direction of the toss.


  • In open positions, the prep “check” stores energy for the spin and signals the change of direction, without it the move doesn’t really work.
  • You hands should be about waist-height with the shorter partner.


  • Revolver: Both partners spin.
  • Can be done with one hand as well.

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