Shoulder Lean

Type Lean
Level Beginner 3
Other Names
Comes From R-to-R Open Position, Belt Loop,
Leads To Open Facing,


This move begins the same way as the Bow & Arrow, but instead of the lead pushing the follow away, the lead makes the follow lean on his side. It can be followed up with some pretty dips and turns to make for a well-polished combo.

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Suicide Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 6 Intermediate
Other Names  The Spin Drop, Death Drop, Chainsaw
Comes From    Triple Hip Combo, Cuddle, Spin Out
Leads To    Inside Turn (with opposite hand)


The Suicide Dip is a “Dip and Drop” move where the leader leans the support at a steep angle facing toward the floor and supported by her own arms, then flips her around so she is hanging from his arms.

Dips like these are quite showy, and can be fun. Be sure your partner is up for it by asking before you perform this with them!

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Basic Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 3 Beginner
Other Names
Comes From    Inside TurnTriple Hip Combo, Spin Out, Duck Under Spin
Leads To   Push-Off Spin, Hair Flip Dip, Inside Turn


This move is called the “Basic Dip” because it’s easy to do, but it’s anything but boring! It offers a lot of ways to throw in your personality and some variations to the move. This move involved the leader dipping the follower forward over his leg.

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Fall For Me Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 6 Intermediate
Other Names   Slow Dip, Sexy Dip, Back Bend Dip
Comes From    Spinneroo, The Chase, Cross-Handed Open Position,
Leads To    Open Position, Sway Step, Basic Step


In this dip, the leader and follower are face-to-face and pelvis-to-pelvis. The leader holds the follower by the waist and the follower bends back. This is a very sexy move. If you’re leading this, be sure your partner is comfortable being super close to you, and is comfortable with a back bend.

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