Suicide Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 6 Intermediate
Other Names  The Spin Drop, Death Drop, Chainsaw
Comes From    Triple Hip Combo, Cuddle, Spin Out
Leads To    Inside Turn (with opposite hand)


The Suicide Dip is a “Dip and Drop” move where the leader leans the support at a steep angle facing toward the floor and supported by her own arms, then flips her around so she is hanging from his arms.

Dips like these are quite showy, and can be fun. Be sure your partner is up for it by asking before you perform this with them!


  1. Begin in cuddle position, with the follow perpendicular to you at your hip, and a firm hand grip with both hands.
  2. Step out with the left foot and firmly plant your foot, bending your left knee, and keeping your right leg straight, letting the follow lean fully against your forearm.
  3. Straighten your legs, bring your left arm around the Follow’s head, then bring both arms slightly down in a plunging motion. This rotates the follow so her face is looking toward the ceiling. Step to the side if you need to, to stay with your follow’s upper body so you have good leverage to bring her up. This is all one motion, either directly with step 2 or right after it if you need some time to set it up.
  4. Pull up with both hands and when she is standing straight up, let go of one hand and let her follow through with a spin (an outside spin with opposite hand is common).


  1. Keep your feet together for steps one and two. Rotate your torso in toward your partner a little on step two, like you’re trying to look at his face.
  2. Pivot on your right foot from toe to heel during the drop, and bend your knees right away.
  3. Tighten your core on the drop, bend your knees. And tighten your biceps too, like you’re doing a pull-up. Keep your head up, don’t tilt it back at all.


  • A firm hand grip is needed. In fact, firm hand grips always communicate a move of this type.
  • If your hands are sweaty, you might want to skip this move until they dry off.
  • With proper leverage, not much upper body strength is needed.
  • Pay attention to how tall your partner is compared to you so you take a wider or smaller step accordingly, and plunge more or less accordingly. If ever you’re in doubt, air on the side of smaller steps and less plunging for safety.
  • Styling: Follows can keep one or both feet on the ground. If you lift your foot, keep your leg straight and point your toe for the best look. Whichever foot is down, keep your heel planted.


  • Can be done on the other side
  • You can pause between steps to get a taller stance for the second dip.

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