Basic Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 3 Beginner
Other Names
Comes From    Inside TurnTriple Hip Combo, Spin Out, Duck Under Spin
Leads To   Push-Off Spin, Hair Flip Dip, Inside Turn


This move is called the “Basic Dip” because it’s easy to do, but it’s anything but boring! It offers a lot of ways to throw in your personality and some variations to the move. This move involved the leader dipping the follower forward over his leg.


  1. Begin with an inside turn, with your left hand to her right hand. As she turns, step on your Left foot. (The overall footwork is L R L)
  2. On your Right step sweep that leg behind her Right leg, and trace your Right hand on her back (as the follow is completing her turn over 2 counts). Either hold on to her Right hand with your Left hand in an arm-wrestle grip, or place her hand on your back or shoulder for stability. You can also hold the back of her shoulder or neck if you free up that hand. Remember, the hips and hands are the points of contact to look for with a dip.
  3.  Step out and pivot with the Left leg, and squat with both knees, bringing the follow down to your right thigh.
  4. Stand back up straight, the follow will also stand up.
  5. Finish with one of the moves above, such as the push-off spin.


  • Remember to feel for the points of contact–hip and hands. If you’re ever unsure if it feels right, don’t dip.
  • The closer hip-to-hip you are the more stable the dip will be.


  • How far high or low you place your hand on the follow’s back depends on height mostly. Its purpose is extra support for the dip, secondary to your leg.
  • Be careful not to twist your torso when you squat. It’s very uncomfortable for follows and can knock her off balance.


  • Style your legs by bending your inside knee, lifting your leg, and pointing your toes. Tilt you head back gently. These are not necessary, but they help the move look better.
    • Alternatively, you can keep both feet on the ground. I like to do this when I don’t have close hip-to-hip connection.
  • Don’t throw your weight into the dip. Instead, allow the lead to lead, and do the tilting. When you feel that beginning, then you can tilt you head back.
  • You can use your right hand as an extra safety measure by holding onto or across his shoulder.


  • You can also start with a Spin Out or Triple Hip Combo, which starts from the other side. Either way, you would spin her back in toward you, letting go of her hand, and tracing your right hand on her back like normal.
  • There are many places you can put your arms or ways to style your legs (both partners), depending on your personal taste, ability, and the move you do prior to the dip.
  • If you have bad knees, you don’t have to squat all the way down, but in general, the more the lead sits, the sturdier the dip will be.
  • Ending variation: after you stand back up straight, maintaining contact with her body in the frame of the dip, (right hand on her lower back, left hand in hers, hip to hip), do a quick 180-degree clockwise whip around.
  • On your way back up, dip again once or twice–that’s a sexy twist called the Hair Flip Dip!
  • The Princess Dip

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