Wrap Up Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names   Fun Dip, Salesman Dip
Comes From    Belt LoopLoopDouble LassoInside Turn (Right-to-right)
Leads To    Spin Out (with cross-handed grip), Outside Turn (with cross-handed grip), Belt Loop (with cross-handed grip), High Five Spin


This is a variation to the Basic Dip for the cross-handed grip, which incorporates two spins and provides extra support.


  1. End the Belt Loop with the lead’s turn, and finish in Open Facing RR.
  2. Do an outside turn, turning the follow under the right-to-right connected arms in the direction she is already spinning (if you end the belt loop by turning left, you catch with the right hand, then turn her to her left past the right side of your body). This is the first turn.
  3. When you are face-to-face with your follow again, start to bring your hand down as you turn her again, tucking her own arm behind her back. Step Left.
  4. Step and sweep your right foot behind hers as she completes the turn. Go hip-to-hip.
  5. Step out with your left and squat with both legs. She dips, wrapped up with her arm behind her back.
  6. Stand back up, then spin her out. Finish with an Outside turn, or cross-handed Belt Loop.



  • If you have bad knees, this is a good dip to do because you don’t have to bear much weight and you can squat less. Just be sure you’re hip-to-hip every time.
  • Follows can style it by bringing their knee up and pointing their toes, and tilting their head back on the dip.


  • It can also be done without the foot sweep and forearm grip, but it requires quick hands to get the security to dip right off of a spin without the forearm grip. Instead of dipping the follow backward across your thigh, it will be more across your body like the cuddle dip. Take a wide stance, and use your other hand to support her shoulder or head.

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