Basic Country Swing Step

Have you been stepping out of time with the music? Struggling to fit your new dance moves into two-step rhythms? This basic step pattern in Country Swing can give you a framework for all your country moves to keep you in sync. How? Hint: it’s based on The New York Hustle.

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Type    Turn
Level    Level 2 Beginner
Other Names   Chained Inside Turns, Arches, Belt Loop, Belt Buckle, Infinity Loop, Head Loop, Loop-de-loop
Comes From    Open Position, Outside TurnTornadoBelt Loop
ArchBack LeanHip Push SpinStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To   Inside Turn, Cuddle, Cuddle DipTornadoBelt LoopSpinneroo
ArchToss Away SpinBack Lean


The Loop combines the Inside Turn and Cuddle. It is an inside turn for the follower, followed by an inside turn for the leader. It begins from Open Position.

The Loop and Belt Loop are very similar, and people will often call both moves by the same name. If there is a hand lead through the inside of the frame just like an inside turn, it is a Loop. If the hands cross at the belt line only, it’s a Belt Loop.

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