My leveled-library of moves is like no other dance resource! By browsing moves by level leads can:

  • Find moves similar to the ones they know.
  • Fill in any gaps in learning at your level that you wouldn’t otherwise know.
  • Look good, no matter your skill level, because you’re doing the moves right.
  • Learn moves in isolation, then string them together for a combo.
  • Determine a follow’s skill level, and thereby minimize the risk of injury to yourself and others caused by trying out a high-level move on a beginner dancer.

And follows can:

  • Learn everything from basic to advanced signals to look for with each dance move so you always know exactly what your partner wants you to do.
  • Learn styling options for each dance move so you make yourself look good no matter your partner’s skill level.
  • Help take the leads you dance with most often to the next level, by suggesting other moves they could learn with you.

If you’re new to dancing, you’ll want to start with the basics on level 1.

Unsure of your level? Browse any level, and check out the videos to see if each move at that level is familiar to you. Chances are there are easier moves you don’t know, too, so you could back up and learn those.

Level 1 Beginner
Level 2 Beginner
Level 3 Beginner
Level 4 Intermediate
Level 5 Intermediate
Level 6 Intermediate
Level 7 Advanced

Advanced levels pages are under construction!