Hip Push Spin

Type    SpinCombo
Level    Level 4 Intermediate
Other Names    Thigh Free Spin
Comes From    Break Up (over follow’s head), Double LassoSpinneroo
Leads To    Open FacingBelt LoopLoop


Simply put, the Hip Push Spin is a spin where the leader’s hands are on the follower’s hips to start. He does a push-pull motion to initiate the spin.

I’m providing instructions for the combo version of this move since a single spin is just a shortened version of this combo.

The timing and counts of this one depends on the music and the leading. The timing and counts of the spin is the same as any other inside or outside turn (1 & 2 &).


  1. Do the Break Up, over the follow’s head (from a Double Lasso you need to spin the follow one more time). Quickly kneel on your left knee or squat both knees, and quickly bring your hands down in a straight line from the follow’s shoulder blades to her hips.
  2. Push the follow’s thigh or hip in a circle clockwise.
  3. Have your left hand ready to catch her hip again as she turns to face you. Push off again, counter-clockwise.
  4. Repeat, catching and pushing off with the right hand. If you want this to be the last spin, push with a little more force so the follow does a double spin.
  5. Stand back up and catch with the your left hand to Open Facing.


  • Be sure you and your partner trust one another before trying this move. It takes some practice, familiarity and coordination to get the hand placement right. It’s very easy to accidentally touch something you shouldn’t!
  • You can also aim for the lower back or thigh if that’s easier.
  • There are lots of ways for the follow to style her arms. I would suggest anything that keeps your elbows high to protect the lead’s head.


  • You can also do just one spin. This is a safer bet if you aren’t as familiar with your partner.

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