is now!

Hey, y’all!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My daily life has become more hectic since taking on two dance teaching gigs on top of my day job. It wears me out, but I am having a lot of fun meeting new people and helping them to catch the “dance bug.” Once I settle into a groove, I plan on making more videos and posts for the website–tutorials, dance demos, and more. I have a lot of big plans, I just need the time and resources… anyone have a cloning machine handy?

Anyway, today I wanted to announce the official launch of the new domain…

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Do you have two left feet? Take your footwork from fumbling to floating on air with my new footwork course. The best part is you can do this all by yourself from the comfort of your own home!

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All Twisted Up

Did you know that “The Pretzel” may refer to two completely opposite variations? Maybe you’ve had one of these experiences:

  • Starting to lead this move only to have your partner give you resistance and a puzzled look.
  • Following this move and thinking “That doesn’t feel quite right.”

I have discovered instructional videos all over the internet that have the lead turning first, and while others show the follow turning first. They’re as opposite as “push” and “pull.”

Before you get into a fist-fight over which one is correct, check out my guide on The Pretzel which will help clear up the confusion. Hint: One way is called The Reverse Pretzel. And they both look good when done right. There are also other variations on this move you can easily learn when you mastered the steps in general.

You’re welcome, internet! Now keep on dancing!