is now!

Hey, y’all!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. My daily life has become more hectic since taking on two dance teaching gigs on top of my day job. It wears me out, but I am having a lot of fun meeting new people and helping them to catch the “dance bug.” Once I settle into a groove, I plan on making more videos and posts for the website–tutorials, dance demos, and more. I have a lot of big plans, I just need the time and resources… anyone have a cloning machine handy?

Anyway, today I wanted to announce the official launch of the new domain…

The idea behind the new brand is twofold: First, Arizona Two Step (aka Rhythm Two Step) is the parent style for Country Swing, and Arizona is abbreviated “AZ.” Second, it can also stand for “A-Z” which is commonly used in the names of reference guides that are comprehensive, like this will eventually be.

I felt that CountrySwingAZ captured the essence of my work in a succinct manner… and it is a heck ton easier to say than CountryTwoStepSwing. I will continue to use both domains until the new domain is fully established. Please save the new domain in your bookmarked sites.

Thank you!

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