Type    SpinTransition Mov
Level    Level 2 Beginner
Other Names    Double Handed Overhead Turn, Dishrag
Comes From    Open Position, Loop
Leads To    Sliding Door, Sliding Door Dip, WindowCross-Handed Open Position, The Break UpToss Away SpinFall For Me DipHip Push Spin, Cuddle, Cuddle Dip, The Window,


The Spinneroo is a variation to the Inside Turn with both hands turning overhead. It is not to be confused with a Barrel Roll in which both partners turn simultaneously, and hands are separated wide.

This move is useful for preparing several intermediate to advanced moves. The variation below is also a stand-alone move. Steps are given for the lead for a single Spinneroo.


Steps for a single Follow’s Spinneroo:

  1. Start in Butterfly (Open Position). Wait for the backstep of the basic footwork pattern (count 3).
  2. On the next beat, lift your hands and, with a loose grip, rotate the follow under your arms counter-clockwise.
  3. End face-to-face, your hands will be crossed, but not right-to-right (double crossed?)
  4. Do a Toss Away Spin or another move to exit.

To continue with a Lead’s Spinneroo:

  1. Immediately after the follow’s turn, bring your hands over your own head and begin to turn in place spinning clockwise. Use the momentum of the follow’s turn to launch into this turn. After the lead’s turn your hands will be uncrossed in Butterfly Position.


  1. Use small steps to turn in place.
  2. If the lead does his Spinneroo turn, stand still.


  • You can take your time with the spins or move quickly through them. Generally each turn is one count.
  • Follow, rotate when your hands are directly overhead. Also, you want to end in front of the lead still. It’s okay if you’re slightly to the right, that works for some moves.
  • Lead, a slight prep by bringing your arms to the left will prepare the move.
  • Keep your hands close together.


  • This can be repeated, “You turn, I turn” etc. Bring your hands over your own head when it’s your turn, and turn to your left. Typically it’s three turns: I turn, you turn, I turn.
  • When you want to go into Cuddle, bring your right arm down to waist level as you spin the Follow. This is the third turn.

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