Sway Step

Type Step
Level Beginner 3
Other Names Starter Step (slow), One Step, Single Step, Slow Dance
Comes From The end of a combo, Basic Step, Princess Dip,
Leads To Basic Step, Open Position (Butterfly)


Sway with your partner, side to side. You can make this move more intimate like a slow dance, or just use it for its practical purposes.

There are three times I know of that this step is useful:

  1. When you are ending a combo and returning to the Basic Step, and you want to resync with your partner so you don’t step on each others’ toes.
  2. When you need to rotate in a tight space to prepare to travel elsewhere on the dance floor.
  3. To spice up your dancing with a little swaying.

This step is adapted from a swing starter step–hence the development of the Country Swing style. While you can certainly do without this step, it is helpful to have in your arsenal.

How to Use It

The frame for this one is a close Closed Position, knees slightly bent, feet apart and staggered with your partner. The closer you are to your partner, the easier it is to lead, but be sure your follow is comfortable with that. You can still do it with a bit of space if the top half of your frame is solid.


  •  Alternate L R L R etc. on the beats 1 & 2 & etc. for however long you want to stay there. When you want to get out, you have two options:
    • Rock back to Butterfly Open Position with an Open Break.
    • On your next Left step, lead your follow in a direction on the floor in the basic step (left, back, or forward) by initiating the movement from the top half of your frame (chest and shoulders).
  • If you want to rotate while doing this, you’ll need to pick up your feet a little, keep the soles of your shoes close to the floor. Lead the rotation with the top half of your frame (chest and shoulders).
  • Non-rotating, you don’t actually have to pick up your feet if you move your hips.


  • Match the movement and timing of your lead. That’s all!


  • You can do this slower if you like, especially when the beat of the music is absent.  

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