Tunnel Tabletop Combo

Type     Combo
Level Level 6 Intermediate
Other Names     Double Under
Comes From Crossed Arm Slide, Cross-Handed Open Position, Belt Loop (end with crossed hands), Double Lasso
Leads To Break Up, Double Lasso, Cross-Handed Open Position


In this combo, the leader guides the follower through his arms and around his back, then turns under twice in a Tabletop.


  1. Set up a cross-handed upside-down handshake grip. The easiest way to do this is by ending a Crossed Arm Slide, or after a Belt Loop, by reaching across with the opposite hand.
  2.  Do The Tunnel, two passes for the follow as she moves from your Right side to your Left.
  3. Turn to your right with both hands behind your back, and duck under.
  4. When you have made one complete rotation and your head is facing away from your partner, untuck your right arm from your back.
  5. As you begin another half spin, bring that right arm in front of you. Unwind your left hand from your back, then arc it down and through over your follow’s head. Meanwhile, keep your right arm low and connected to put your follow into a chicken wing for her half of the Tabletop.
  6. End with The Break Up or another move.


  1. Duck your head for each tunnel.
  2. As the Lead does 1.5 Tabletops, stand stationary and keep your hands connected to his.
  3. On your half of the Tabletop, duck under the Lead’s arm.





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