Type Turn
Level Intermediate 6
Other Names
Comes From Tabletop, Double Lasso, Crossed Arm Slide, Low Shadow Position, Cross-Handed Open Position,
Leads To Open Position, Double Lasso, Cross-Handed Open Position, Break Up, Back Lean, Low Shadow Position, Tabletop,


The follower goes through the leader’s arms and behind his back to the other side. A classic two step move that can add some serious style to your dancing. It’s the cousin of the Tabletop and works well in combos.

This move is similar to the Tabletop, and you’ll notice that the steps are very similar up until step 4.


  1. Get into the Cross-Handed Open Position. An easy way to do this is with an Arm Slide. As with most every move, start with your left foot. Each numbered step below will be “left, right” so two foot steps until the actual Tunnel where you will take smaller quicker steps.
  2. Bring your left hand over top for an upside-down handshake grip. Step left and bring your arms over the follow’s head for her to turn under both arm “arches.”
    • This is like 1/2 and iteration of the Double Lasso with the follow in front. You could also do the whole Double Lasso a few times to build momentum into the Tunnel.
  3. As soon as the follow clears under your right arm, pivot step on your right foot (CW), to turn under yourself under your right arm.
  4. Step to the left again then rock back on your right foot while you bring both arms low. The back of your left hand will be on your back close to your right hip. This will make it easier to make an opening for the tunnel.
  5. Next, with your right arm you’re going to start an Inside Turn with your right arm. Draw your elbow toward the sky, and this initiates the tunnel. Step on your left foot and rotate CCW–this helps the follow clear the tunnel effortlessly. Follow through with a right step to the right as you draw your left elbow toward the sky to make the Tunnel passage on the other side. Rock back on your left foot afterward.
    • Footwork steps are faster and smaller, with the counts 1 & 2 (L R L).
  6. Exits: There are many options!
    1. Easiest: When the follow clears your elbow, immediately release both hands and trace your follow’s arm with your hand to R-to-R Open Position.
    2. Combos with other moves: To follow up with Tabletop, Double Lasso or Cross-Handed Open Position moves in general, spin yourself CCW when the follow passes under your elbow.
    3. Combo the Tunnel:
      • Reverse steps 4 & 5 to bring the follow back the other way. Again, steps are quick 3 & 4 (R L R).
      • Bring your right arm high as you turn yourself CCW. You may exit here if you want.
      • Continuous Tunnel: Or, to make a tunnel for you to pass through now, bring your right arm over the follow’s head and push your left arm out to the left to turn her around. Then do steps 4 & 5 but with the roles reversed.


  1. As with most every move, start on your right foot. Each of the segments in the lead’s instructions is two footsteps, so “right, left” for you.
  2. For each tunnel pass, bend at the knees to make yourself shorter. The steps will be smaller and faster to allow you to switch back to the other side if needed, so 1 & 2 (R L R) with the counts of music.
    • If they follow up with a pass back to the other side, 3 & 4 (L R L) to get back.


  • Leads: If ever your elbow gets stuck underneath, you can finish with The Tabletop instead because you bring your right elbow over for Tunnel, and under for Tabletop.
  • Both: Remember to rock back after each quick step, to help your partner feel the connection and timing of the move.


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