Back Lean

Type   Lean
Level   Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names
Comes From   LoopShadow Position (lead in front), Double Lasso, Tunnel 
Leads To   LoopShadow Position (lead in front), Double Lasso


For the back lean, the leader positions the follower behind him in a low cross-handed position, then lunges to have her lean on his back. It is very stylish and flirtatious. Similar to the Side Lean.


  1. As the follow is passing behind you, keep both hands connected.
  2. When the follow is directly behind you, place her hands on your chest. Take a wide stance by stepping out on an angle with your right foot.
  3. Lunge toward that outstretched leg. The follow will lean against your back.
  4. Straighten your right leg to come out of the lean.
  5. End with one of the moves suggested above.


  • The follow should pop the left knee to style the move.


  • Before the lean if you have a left-to-right hand grip, you may also place the follow’s hands, then pull your own out and over to get into Open Facing RR.

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