Level 3 Beginner

Be sure that you know all the essential moves of levels 1 and 2 to prepare you for the moves on level 3. It might help to go back and learn some bonus moves for those levels, too.

Essential Moves:

Cuddle Lean
Cuddle Dip
Basic Dip
Cross-Handed Open Position
Crossed Arm Slide
Push-Off Spin

Bonus Moves:

Belt Loop w/ Hand Change (see variations)
Outside Turn with R-to-R grip
Inside Turn with R-to-R grip
Sway Step
Bow and Arrow
Shoulder Lean
Toss Away Spin
Straight Jacket Twist

Techniques for Success at Level 3:

  • All of the techniques from levels 1 & 2, plus:
  • The lead is planning moves ahead and cuing them appropriately
  • The follow is not back-leading and does not anticipate the lead’s next move
  • Both lead and follow are aware of the points of contact needed for supported moves like leans and dips
  • The lead uses the Right-to-Right hand position and knows at least one way to get in and out of it
  • The lead is aware of his physical limitations and those of his follow. He makes modifications to the move, when needed, in the interest of safety.
  • The lead consciously practices “vetting” new dance partners for their level of trust and dance experience.
  • The follow contributes to navigating the dancefloor safely by cueing her lead when there is someone behind him, and taking up a small amount of space during turns and spins.
  • The follow is providing enough arm tension to be lead effectively.