Where to Dance

There are country dance communities all over the nation! Look for one in your area with the map below. Get connected with others who dance, and live instruction to support the info on this website.

Map legend:

Heart = I love this place! Highly recommended.
Star = Places I heard great things about and hope to visit some day.
Checkmark = Places I can verify have and encourage dancing.
Black pin = I know of it but have not verified any details about it.
Colors HotCold = how active the country swing community is there (since last I checked). Some of these are great venues that happen to attract more line dancers than country swing dancers.

Adding to the Map

If you know of a place that’s not added yet, or have details about a place on the map, please fill out the form below to add it to the map. And thank you for helping our dance community grow strong!

Include as many of these details as you know:

What if there is no country club near me?

It’s really nice to have a country club where you can already find people doing country swing; but you can build a dance community in your own town. Here are some ways you can get started:

  • All you really need is one partner to dance anywhere, so don’t be afraid to start small.
  • Go to literally any country bar or club, as long as you have room, no one can stop you from dancing, unless I suppose you live in the movie Footloose
  • A dining room, living room, patio or garage with a relatively smooth floor can be a great dance floor. All you need it to clear some room and put on some music on the stereo.
  • Throw some corn meal or baby powder down on a the concrete to give it less traction for spinning.
  • Plan a video viewing/learning party with some friends.
  • Build a dance floor for your back yard or to take to a park.
  • Contact a local bar or dance studio about hosting a country night. If you can, book an instructor to do a lesson at the event. Invite all of your friends. If it’s a success, the bar or studio might do this regularly.