Bow and Arrow

Type    Transition Move
Level     Level 3 Beginner
Comes From   Outside Turn (right-to-right), Cross-Handed Open PositionCrossed Arm SlideBelt Loop, Open Facing RR
Leads To   Inside Turn


This is a Head Loop Variation where the leader and follower are side-by-side and the leader pushes off the follower to launch her to an extended open position.

  1. Get into Open Facing RR. A good way to do this is with the Belt Loop, catching with the right hand at the end.
  2. Do a double outside turn, as the follow is completing the second spin, turn yourself clockwise (right) 90-degrees so you end up side-by-side with your partner with her arm across your neck. Tuck your inside hand (left) to her hip.
  3. With your left hand, push off on the follow’s hip, and let go with your right hand.
  4. Trace down the follow’s arm to catch her right hand with your left hand.
  5. Lift your left arm and step left to do an inside turn.


  • This is a good recovery move if you lose contact of one hand in any cross-handed move.
  • This move is also useful for getting out of a cross-handed position.


  • A simpler variation: omit the double outside turn, and simply step in, under your right arm. This works best with slow music.
  •  This can also be done at a 90-degree angle to the follow with less of a push off, more of a slide off. Again, this is better with slow music.

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