Type Aerial, Flip
Level Advanced 7
Other Names Basic Flip
Comes From Open Position, Cuddle
Leads To Open Position, Airplane, Texas Star


Looking to learn flips in Country Swing? This is the easiest to learn and incorporate into your dancing. It will come in handy with some more advanced moves later too!

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Can Opener

Type Aerial, Combo, Lift, Flip (Handstand)
Level Advanced 7
Other Names Scissors
Comes From Open Position, Cuddle, Belt Loop Shadow Position, Inside Turn, Bread Basket,
Leads To Open Position, Open Position R-to-R,


In the Can Opener, the leader carries the follower, swings her leg over his neck, and flips her over to the other side. There are several versions including a hand stand and swing around. This aerial move looks more complicated than it is. All it requires is some trust and practice!

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