Inside Turn

Type    Spin
Level   Level 1 Beginner
Other Names     Right Turn
Comes From    Basic Step (closed position), Fall Through DipCuddle DipDouble LassoBow and ArrowHigh Five Spin, Arch, Ravioli Twist,
Knee Throw
Leads To  Basic Step (closed position), Belt Loop
ArchCuddleOutside Turn (Right-to-right), Open PositionHigh Five SpinArm Push Spin, AZ Winter, Knee Throw, Can Opener, Princess Dip,


The inside turn is very simple. The leader signals an inside turn by bringing his arm between him and his partner and then above the follower’s head.

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Push-off Spin

Type    Spin
Level     Level 3 Beginner
Other Names Free Spin, Rolling Side Pass with Shoulder Lead
Comes From    Basic Dip, Basic Step (closed position), Princess Dip,
Leads To    Tornado, Outside Turn,


While the Push-off Spin is very simple to do, having a strong understanding of maintaining contact will help you be more successful at moves like these where contact is briefly lost. It is similar to an Outside Turn, without the help of the leader’s right hand.

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Type    Turn, Spin
Level     Level 4 Intermediate
Other Names Behind the Back Pass
Comes From    Crossed Arm Slide
Leads To    Open Facing or ButterflyBasic StepBelt LoopLoopZig-zag


The Tornado is a behind the back hand-off, that includes a 180-degree turn for the leader and 1.5 spins for the follower. The leader turns the follower behind him, then switches her hand to his other hand to bring her to the other side with a spin.

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Toss Away Spin

Type    Spin
Level     Level 3 Beginner
Other Names    Revolver (when both partners turn), Rollaway
Comes From    Cross-Handed Open PositionLoopBelt LoopOpen PositionPretzelInside Turn
Leads To    Outside TurnInside TurnOpen Position (various), Belt Loop,


This is a free spin where the leader tosses his hands quickly to the side and releases to get the follower to spin. The leader may also spin–this variation is called The Revolver.

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