Arm Push Spin

Type   Spin
Level   Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names
Comes From   Inside Turn
Leads To   Open Facing


This is a variation to the Toss Away Spin or Revolver where the leader pushes against the follower’s arm to generate extra momentum for a free spin.

  1. Begin in Open Facing.
  2. A good way to build momentum for the move is to do an Inside Turn.
  3. Prep check to the right. Bring up your right hand and push against the follow’s connected arm as you let go of that connected hand. Follow through with that arm to help the follow spin Outside. At the same time turn opposite your follow like you’re doing a Belt Loop.
  4. Reconnect in Open Facing when you are facing your partner again.


  •  The Inside Turn helps the follow wind up for this move, so she can turn sharply.



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