Type    Lead Turn
Level     Level 1 Beginner
Other Names   Lead’s Underarm Turn, Lace (usually done over one partner’s head then the other)
Comes From    Open PositionLoopBelt LoopInside TurnStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To    Open Position, Open Facing R-to-R,  LoopBelt LoopLasso


Sometimes Leaders want to turn too! If that’s the case for you, then this is perfect! It’s essentially an Outside Turn that is lead and performed by the Leader.

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Inside Turn

Type    Spin
Level   Level 1 Beginner
Other Names     Right Turn
Comes From    Basic Step (closed position), Fall Through DipCuddle DipDouble LassoBow and ArrowHigh Five Spin, Arch, Ravioli Twist,
Knee Throw
Leads To  Basic Step (closed position), Belt Loop
ArchCuddleOutside Turn (Right-to-right), Open PositionHigh Five SpinArm Push Spin, AZ Winter, Knee Throw, Can Opener, Princess Dip,


The inside turn is very simple. The leader signals an inside turn by bringing his arm between him and his partner and then above the follower’s head.

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Belt Loop

Type   Turn
Level     Level 1 Beginner
Other Names   Back Slide, Belt Buckle, Waist Slide
Comes From    Open Position, Outside TurnTornadoLoop
ArchToss Away SpinSide LeanHip Push SpinStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To    LoopInside Turn, Cuddle, Cuddle DipTornado
ArchLasso (end Right-to-right), Toss Away SpinSide Lean,
Tunnel Tabletop Combo (end Right-to-Right), Shoulder Lean (RR),


The Belt Loop (or Back Slide) is a spin for the leader. He turns into his own arm at the belt-line, and lets the follower trace his back to reconnect in Open Position.

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Open Positions

Type    Position
Level     Level 1 Beginner
Other Names Butterfly Position, Open Facing, etc. depending on the setup, see variations. Moves to get into it are called Open Break, Snag, Butterfly Catch, etc.
Comes From     The Basic Step (Closed Position), Outside TurnLoopArchToss Away SpinFall Through DipFall For Me DipHigh Five SpinArm Push SpinHip Push SpinStraight Jacket TwistZig-zag, Sway Step, AZ Winter, Gravedigger, Can Opener, Backflip, Shoulder Lean,
Leads To     Hammerlock, Pretzel, Barrel Roll, Belt LoopPull Up DipSpinnerooSliding DoorLoopArchToss Away SpinFall Through DipZig-zag, Candlestick, Knee Throw, Can Opener, Backflip, Shoulder Lean (RR),


There are several types of Open Positions, but for ease I will put them all in the same article.

In Open Position partners are facing the same wall with the lead’s right hand and the follow’s left hand joined. This would occur after a move such as the Spin Out or go directly from closed to open with an open break.

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