Type    Position, Circle, Progressive
Level   Level 2 Beginner
Other Names   Sweetheart, Wrap, Cradle
Comes From    Open Position, Belt LoopSliding DoorSliding Door DipLoop
Leads To    The LeanSpin OutTriple Hip Combo, Outside Turn (half-turn variation), Cuddle DipFall Through DipStraight Jacket Twist, Can Opener, Backflip,


The Cuddle is a variation on the Inside Turn with both hands connected. The leader turns the follow to wrap her up in his arms. This is a very versatile move! Learn the basic steps for it below, then check out the variations for ways to customize your dance.

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Type   Position, Transition Move, Circle, Progressive, Turn
Level  Level 2 Beginner
Other Names Matador
Comes From   Butterfly Open Position
Leads To   Reverse Pretzel, Pretzel (lead Hammerlock), Basic Step (in Hammerlock position), The Lean (in Hammerlock position)


Hammerlock is a variation on the Outside Turn with both hands connected. The leader turns the follower so that one arm is tucked behind her back, and the other crosses in front of him.

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