High Five Spin

Type  ComboSpin
Level   Level 4 Intermediate
Other Names   Pattycakes, Lockdown
Comes From   Wrap Up DipInside Turn (right-to-right), Crossed Arm SlideDouble LassoCross-Handed Open Position
Leads To   Inside TurnOpen Position,


The High Five Spin is a cross-handed move where the follower pushes off the leader’s hand one or more times to perform free spins one direction and then the other.

  1. Begin in Open Facing RR.
  2. With your right hand, prep “check” right then toss and release your hand to the left to spin the follow.
  3. Hold your left hand out in the space between you and your partner. As your follow turns around, she will connect her left hand to yours for the first high five. Push the follow away with this hand, a little bit of shoulder follow through helps too.
  4. Do the same with the right hand.
  5. Repeat one more time with the left, this time push a little harder on the high five, with more shoulder follow through, so the follow will do two free spins.
  6. Reconnect into one of the moves suggested above.


  • The “Rule of Three” is helpful with this move to ensure smoothness. If you lose track of how many you’ve done, or if the follow gets confused, try the variation below.


  • Instead of the free spin at the end, reconnect left-to-right in Open Facing and do an Inside Turn.
  • Incorporate Hip Push Spins to create a Lock Down

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