Spin Out

Type    Spin, Transition Move
Level     Level 2 Beginner
Comes From    CuddleWrap Up DipFall Through Dip
Leads To    Open Position (facing the same wall), Triple Hip ComboSuicide DipBasic DipCuddleThe Lean, The Duck Under Spin, Princess Dip


The Spin Out is a turn lead at waist-level where partners end up in an extended open position. It comes after a wrap turn, usually the cuddle.


  1. Footwork for this move is LRL (pause) counts 1 & 2.
  2. Begin in a cuddle position, release your left hand and take your steps LRL to the left in small steps, and at the same time pull your right hand across to the right.
    • You need to bring your hand in as straight of a line as possible out to the side. This gives your follow a path to trace. So don’t pull your elbow back, nor swing your arm out in a wide arc.
    • If you begin with the cuddle on right side, your right arm doesn’t need to move much, just extend and keep a bit of tension in the elbow.
  3. The follow will unwind and lengthen her arms to the right and end up in Open Position (facing the same wall as you). You should be in line, neither partner further ahead or back.


  1. Footwork is RLR (pause) counts 1 & 2.
  2. On the spin out, step your R foot out at a 90-degree angle on beat 1. Step your L foot to the outside of your right foot on the & of 1, spinning on the balls of your feet (this is about 3/4 of the turn at this point). Step again on the R foot out to the right with toes forward, heel down and put your weight onto your outside leg to stop.
    • It would look really awkward to do another 90-degree point with your right foot unless your lead lets you go and you do another free spin.
    • Putting your weight onto that leg gives you some stability, some spring into the next step on your other foot, and some style in your hips.


  • This is a prep move for many different moves, as well as the first in several combos.
  • You’ll want some tension in your connection to make this move feel super light and easy, like when you stretch a spring out and it bounces right back when you let go. The tension should never come from yanking with your shoulder, but always with flexing your bicep, and drawing your elbow back toward yourself.
  • Follows, style your outside arm on the furthest extension of the move with a long arm out parallel to the floor, or your hand on your hip. During the turn, you can tuck your arm to your waist, or lift your elbow to a Barbie arm position.


  • Lead, on the way back in, if you release your hand and catch with the other hand simultaneously, you can repeat the move on the other side.

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