Push-off Spin

Type    Spin
Level     Level 3 Beginner
Other Names Free Spin, Rolling Side Pass with Shoulder Lead
Comes From    Basic Dip, Basic Step (closed position), Princess Dip,
Leads To    Tornado, Outside Turn,


While the Push-off Spin is very simple to do, having a strong understanding of maintaining contact will help you be more successful at moves like these where contact is briefly lost. It is similar to an Outside Turn, without the help of the leader’s right hand.

  1. This move begins when the lead has contact with the follow, right hand to the follow’s back (shoulder blade, hip, or somewhere between). The other hand is free (often because of the previous move).
  2. The lead pushes the follow to his left with a gentle push of his right hand. She does a free spin.
  3. The lead catches the follow on the other side by tracing her back or elbow to her forearm and catching her right hand in his left hand.


  • Lead, bring that left hand out ready to catch the follow and keep her from getting too far away.


  • It can be repeated on the other side if you catch the follow by the back or hip.

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