Hair Flip Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 5 Intermediate
Comes From    Inside TurnTriple Hip ComboSpin Out
Leads To   Push-Off SpinBasic DipInside Turn


This is a variation of the Basic Dip, but it’s so fun it warrants its own video and page. The leader dips the follower multiple times in the same dip to get their hair to whip back and forth.


  1. Get into the Basic Dip. On the first dip squat less.
  2. Stand slightly and squat again lower.
  3. Repeat a third time if you like.
  4. Finish the move as you normally would for the Basic Dip.


  1. The steps are the same as the Basic Dip.


  • This looks most impressive and flashy when the follow has their hair down.
  • This move can add a lot of musicality to your dance.
  • The goal is not to have whiplash! Haha
    • Follows, keep your neck mostly straight throughout the motion.
    • Leads, work toward finesse in the move–try doing the first dip slow and the second one a bit quicker.

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