Sliding Door Dip

Type    DipCombo, Drop
Level     Level 6 Intermediate
Other Names Sliding Door Drop
Comes From    Sliding DoorSpinneroo
Leads To    CuddleTabletop


In this drop-style dip the leader and follower are back-to-back and the follower bends back to slide down his leg. It can be repeated on each side.


  1. Begin with the Sliding Door, performing only two “lean and look”s–left then right. Keep your stance a little wider than shoulder-width to prepare for the next part.
  2. Begin another left lean, but lift your right arm and straighten your right leg, when you are finished switching grips, hold on a little tighter. The follow slides down your right leg instead of leaning. Keep your heels planted as she dips.
  3. Repeat the last part on the right, lifting your left arm this time.
  4. End with the second half of the Pretzel, left arm over the follow’s head, then your own.
  5. Do an Inside Turn to Cuddle, or Tabletop to get out of the move.


  1. You will know the leader wants you to dip back if he lifts his arms high to clear your head. Be sure you have a wide stance and keep your feet planted.
  2. Before the dip, rotate your upper body just a bit so you can see your partner’s face. It also helps to put your right butt cheek on outside edge of their right but cheek.
  3. On the dip, bend your knees, keep your core tight, and go slowly. Slide down the length of the leader’s leg.
  4. When you stand back up, be sure to get all the way up and back-to-back with your lead (rather than ducking).



  • Be sure you get enough clearance for the follow’s head on each of the loops over her head.
  • Keep your feet planted, in a somewhat wide stance, but rotate your upper body and look at your partner. This will help you with the angle of the drop, and allow you to watch for head clearance.


  • Sliding down rather than dropping down will feel more secure. It will ensure that you don’t swing into the leader’s leg and knock him off balance.
  • If your lead is the same height or shorter, you can bend your knees to make it easier to get over your head.


  •  If the lead is very comfortable in that stance and shifting his weight, he can do a pretend “kick up” to get the follow back up. It’s an illusion though, no real kicking.

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