Break Up

Type    Transition Move
Level     Level 4 Intermediate
Other Names Necklace (over the follow’s head variation), Sunburst (variation), Burst (variation)
Comes From   Cross-Handed Open Position, Spinneroo, TabletopDouble LassoWindow, Tunnel Tabletop Combo, Tunnel 
Leads To   Open Position, Fall For Me DipHip Push Spin, Basic Step


This move is an easy and sassy way to end any cross-handed turn or spin. The leader breaks the follows hand grip behind his head and she pushes off of his chest.

  1. Leads, as you are finishing your cross-handed turn, when you are face-to face with your partner, take a small step back and bring both your partner’s hands over your head.
  2. Follows: Trace down from your lead’s neck to their chest, and push your hands off of their chest.
  3. Both partners trace down from elbows to hand to reconnect in Butterfly Open Position. Both the lead and follow will take a back step (leads with the left, follows with the right).


  • On the rock back to Butterfly Open Position, keep a little spring tension by bending your elbows.
  • There are a few ways to style this move to help your dancing tell a story:
    • The sassy way – If you’re the follow, push him away playfully
    • The sexy way – both partners slow it down, lean in to each other, move your hips.


  • Ending variations:
    • Trace from their neck to their shoulders and down their arms.
    • Go over the Follow’s head – The lead takes an in-step toward the follow, and brings their hands over their follow’s head.
    • Catch only the follow’s right hand in Open Facing or Open Position, which takes you to a Belt Loop, Triple Hip Combo, etc.
    • Fall For Me Dip

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