Fall For Me Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 6 Intermediate
Other Names   Slow Dip, Sexy Dip, Back Bend Dip
Comes From    Spinneroo, The Chase, Cross-Handed Open Position,
Leads To    Open Position, Sway Step, Basic Step


In this dip, the leader and follower are face-to-face and pelvis-to-pelvis. The leader holds the follower by the waist and the follower bends back. This is a very sexy move. If you’re leading this, be sure your partner is comfortable being super close to you, and is comfortable with a back bend.


  1. Spinneroo the follow CCW, or otherwise get into the cross-handed open position where you’re leaning back on your left leg.
  2. Step your left foot up to where your right foot is. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. At the same time, swiftly pull your follow in and bring your arms over the her head and down to her back for support. You need to be pretty much pelvis to pelvis for the dip to work.
  3. Squat and bend your upper body slightly forward to dip the follow back.
  4. As you come up from the dip, trace the follow’s arm with your left hand as you step back LRL to reconnect in Butterfly or Open Facing position.


  1. On the in-step, straddle the lead’s right leg. Bend your left leg and if you would like, wrap it around his.
  2. You can put your right hand on his shoulder for extra support.
  3. Tilt you head back during the dip.
  4. When the dip ends, step back RLR to reconnect in Butterfly or Open Facing position.



  • You may choose to support her head with one hand instead. This will limit your range for swinging through the dip.



  • You can also keep the right-to-right hand connection
    • You may loop this behind the follow’s head for support.
  • Swing side to side for a little Patrick Swayze from Dirty Dancing.
  • With the same set up, and no in step from the leader, the follower could turn to the left 1/4 and do this dip to the side.

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