The Cuddle Lean

Type    Lean
Level     Level 3 Beginner
Comes From    The CuddleThe Spin Out, Hammerlock
Leads To    The Triple HipThe Hip LiftThe Cuddle


The Cuddle Lean is a variation to The Cuddle (Wrap) and The Cuddle Dip (Wrap Dip) where the follower is in line with the leader at his side, he lunges to the side and the follower leans against him. This is the simplest lean.


  1. Start in cuddle with your follow on your right side. Be sure you are in line, hip-to-hip, with your right foot next to her left foot.
    • If you are in Open Position, Spin In to Cuddle.
  2. Step your right foot out to the side and bend your right knee. Keep your left leg straight to support your Follow.
  3. Straighten your left knee so your follow can stand up straight again.
  4. Finish by stepping your left foot to your right to bring them together again. This is often done with a Spin Out–stretch out your right arm and your Follow will unwind.


  1. During the lean, lift your right foot, tucking your right foot near your left knee. Point your toe!
  2. Stretch it back out as you come out of the lean.


  • Both partners: do not bend or twist your torso during the lean.
  • Try and keep the momentum and make this move feel weightless by imitating the compression and release of a spring.
  • Styling: To make it cute, both partners look at each other during the lean. To make it firey, both partners angle heads toward each other, forehead to forehead with a downward gaze.


  • Do it on the left as well, but the right is most typical.
  • Combo right and left leans.
  • Do it in Hammerlock position facing opposite directions.
    • Hold hands
    • Hold the Follow’s waist

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