Fall Through Dip

Type    Dip   Combo
Level     Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names    Cuddle Pull Up Dip Combo, Dip & Drop, Sneak Attack Dip
Comes From    Cuddle (perpendicular position), Open Position
Leads To    Spin OutInside Turn


This move is a combo with a twist. Most follows won’t see it coming but it will be a fun surprise! Be sure they are familiar with both the Cuddle Dip and Pull Up Dip before trying this combo, since it combines both. It is also called a “dip & drop” since the leader dips the follower than drops her through.


  1. Set up and do the Cuddle Dip on beat one
  2. When your follow is upright again (beat 2), bring your supporting arm over their head, causing them to drop into a Pull Up Dip on beat three. Keep your forearms strong.
  3. Finish by bringing the follow upright again on beat 4, and then doing one of the suggested moves above.


  • The same rules apply here from the Pull Up Dip: keep your core tight, and flex your forearms a bit so you don’t hit the floor.



  • Be sure to move to the leverage point (your follow’s shoulders) on the second dip. Keep your legs straight and stance slightly wider than shoulder-width.
  • Same as with the Pull Up Dip, don’t fully extend your arms or your follow will hit the floor.
  • This move can add musicality to your dancing. Let’s say you were two beats early for the ending of the song–throw this one in, and tada! It’s like you planned it.


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