Pull Up Dip

Type    Dip
Level     Level 5 Intermediate
Other Names    Double Drop or Double Dip (when done once on each side), Plank Dip
Comes From    Open PositionCross-Handed Open PositionShadow Position
Leads To    Spin OutOutside Turn


In this drop-style dip, the leader lifts his hands, moves to tilt the follow back to a horizontal position or “drop” with a plunging motion, and then pulls her back up.

This dip is made of simple mechanics–it’s all about leverage. I almost included it with the beginner moves, but it requires some effort and know-how from the follow to prevent injury. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a guy lead a gal into this move and she relaxes into the dip right at the drop, and bounces off the floor! Ouch!


  1. Begin in Butterfly open position. Bring your arms up to turn the follow to your right, and take a small step back and to the right with your right foot. This opens up the path you want the follow to take for the dip.
  2. When the follow is perpendicular to you (and close to you) and your hands are over her head, grip her hands a little tighter. Take one wide step to the right and let her down slowly. As you do this slide or step your left foot closer to your right. Keep your legs straight and body upright. Let your midline come to where her arms will be at the bottom of the dip.
  3. Pull the follow back up, and unwind her to your left back to Butterfly open position.


  1. When you are perpendicular to the lead, keep your weight on one or both feet.
  2. On the dip:
    • Bend at the knee(s)
    • Tighten your core muscles and keep your upper body flat.
    • Flex your biceps like you’re doing a pull-up.
    • Do not tilt your head back, keep it in line with your upper body.
    • You may lift one leg up for style.


  • Be sure you have clearance in the direction you’re dipping before you start bringing your arms down.
  • Lead, make sure your follow is close to you before you do the dip. The closer you are, the less chance your follow will swing.
  • Follow, point your toe if you lift your leg.
  • Follow, do not (I repeat DO NOT!) throw your weight into this dip. Instead, lean back and let the lead guide you to the speed of the dip.


  • Double Dip : To Repeat it on the other side,
    1. After she comes up from the dip, take a step back and to the left and give the follow a full turn to get her ready for the left side. At the top of the spin, loosen your grip so she can turn her hands inside yours, then grip tighter again before the dip.
    2. Big step left, but the rest of the directions are the same as above.
    3. Unwind the follow to your right at the end.
  • Another quicker variation comes from Cross-Handed Open Position or Shadow Position with an upside down handshake grip.
    1. Step your right foot out spread your arms out to the right and dip the follow to the right. Your arms should do the same plunging motion as before but without any crossing.
    2. Step your right foot close to your left, and bring your hands close together again.
    3. Immediately step out with the left, open your arms to the left and dip the follow again to the left.

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