The Arizona Winter

Type Combo
Level Intermediate 6
Comes From Inside Turn
Leads To Open Position


A true AZ original. My friend Adam invented this combo in the Winter of 2018. He named it the Arizona Winter because of its resemblance to our weather: “This year winter couldn’t decide if it wanted to stay or go. So it keeps leaving and coming back, just like this move.” It combines elements of the Belt Loop, Tabletop, The Lean and Bow & Arrow.


  1.  End the Inside Turn with a little extension away from your partner in Open Facing. This is done by not doing the extra count of steps to the right with the Inside Turn.
  2. When you have enough extension, tuck your right hand behind your back, palm open facing out.
  3. Do a Belt Loop, bringing your bellybutton to your left hand as you turn Counter-clockwise (CCW). Meanwhile (and this is important), with your left hand press your thumb onto your follow’s first knuckles. This will gently open their hand so you can prepare to catch it behind your back.
  4. As you turn CCW, release your follow’s hand into your right hand and then grab it.
  5. Continue the CCW turn: step your left foot back and duck under your arm a la Tabletop. Follow through with your right foot (this will help you change turning directions on the next step).
  6. When your arm comes unhinged from your back, step with your left to pivot Clockwise (CW) and put your follow into an Inside Turn with right-to-right grip.
  7. While the turn is ending, pivot CW again, so you’re in line side-by-side with your follow. Meanwhile bring your right arm over your head, and your left arm on your partner’s outside (left) hip. You should be hip-to-hip with your partner.
  8. Step your right foot out to the side and lean.
  9. When you come back up from the lean, release both hands and keep your left arm parallel with the ground for a slide off to Open Position.



  • You have to perform the hand change by feel, so opening your follow’s hand buys you the maximum amount of time to get the right-to-right grip.


  • The biggest thing for the follow to know is not to yank back with the extensions, but do give some tension to keep the timing and momentum of the dance smooth.
  • Keep moving to the left when your partner is doing the Tabletop part.
  • You’ll know if they want the Lean or Bow and Arrow ending depending on where your lead places his hand. Outside (left side) for The Lean to help keep you hip-to-hip, Inside (right) to create a spring for the Bow and Arrow.


  • End the combo with the Bow & Arrow: Instead of bringing your hand to the outside of your follow to lean, put it on the inside of her waist, and push off.

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