Knee Throw

Type Lift
Level Intermediate 6
Other Names
Comes From Open Position (Butterfly), Inside Turn,
Leads To Inside Turn


In this move, the leader slaps his thigh, follower hops onto the leader’s leg, then the leader launches her off. The follower can even choose to be launched into the air!


  1.  Do a Belt Loop, and turn your left palm backwards to grab the follow’s hand in front, with your thumb locked over her thumb. This grip communicates that a special move is about to happen.
  2. Do an Inside Turn, but do not change the hand grip, and walk past the follow to your left to create some distance. Take a wide stance, with an open position and your partner to the left. Maintain tension in your left arm.
  3. Squat and slap your right thigh with your free hand.
  4. Lift your right arm ready to catch the follow at her waist when she lands on your thigh.
  5. Use your right arm and a little pop up from your knees to give your follow the momentum to hop back off to the left.


  1. When your lead gives you that handshake grip, curl your fingers around his hand.
  2. At the end of the Inside Turn, be sure to maintain tension in your right arm and put your weight over your left foot.
  3. When the lead slaps his thigh, take a step toward him with your right foot. Bounce off of this leg to do a 180 turn, as you tuck your legs back and hop up on his upper thigh. Rest your left hand on his shoulder for extra support and momentum for the exit.
  4. The lead will initiate the momentum back the other way, so push off with your legs and hand, do a 180 turn and land where you came from. Basically, you undo the hop.



  • If your hand is behind hers and your palm is facing front, the move will not work.


  • Aim for the lead’s upper thigh. Aiming too low could knock him off balance, or you might slide off, or hit his knee.
  • If you want to be launched higher on the exit, stiffen and straighten your right arm and push off harder.



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