Ravioli Twist

Type Combo
Level Intermediate 6
Other Names Ravioli Shimmy
Comes From Double Lasso, Cross-Handed Open Position, Hand Change
Leads To Inside Turn, Open Facing R-to-R, Bow and Arrow,


The Ravioli is a weird move on its own, but look what it you can do with it! In this combo, the leader wraps the follower’s arms over like a straight jacket, then rotates her so the opposite hand is on top. After that, the follower twists down to the floor.

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The Arizona Winter

Type Combo
Level Intermediate 6
Comes From Inside Turn
Leads To Open Position


A true AZ original. My friend Adam invented this combo in the Winter of 2018. He named it the Arizona Winter because of its resemblance to our weather: “This year winter couldn’t decide if it wanted to stay or go. So it keeps leaving and coming back, just like this move.” It combines elements of the Belt Loop, Tabletop, The Lean and Bow & Arrow.

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Type    Lead Turn
Level     Level 1 Beginner
Other Names   Lead’s Underarm Turn, Lace (usually done over one partner’s head then the other)
Comes From    Open PositionLoopBelt LoopInside TurnStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To    Open Position, Open Facing R-to-R,  LoopBelt LoopLasso


Sometimes Leaders want to turn too! If that’s the case for you, then this is perfect! It’s essentially an Outside Turn that is lead and performed by the Leader.

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Type    Turn
Level    Level 2 Beginner
Other Names   Chained Inside Turns, Arches, Belt Loop, Belt Buckle, Infinity Loop, Head Loop, Loop-de-loop
Comes From    Open Position, Outside TurnTornadoBelt Loop
ArchBack LeanHip Push SpinStraight Jacket Twist
Leads To   Inside Turn, Cuddle, Cuddle DipTornadoBelt LoopSpinneroo
ArchToss Away SpinBack Lean


The Loop combines the Inside Turn and Cuddle. It is an inside turn for the follower, followed by an inside turn for the leader. It begins from Open Position.

The Loop and Belt Loop are very similar, and people will often call both moves by the same name. If there is a hand lead through the inside of the frame just like an inside turn, it is a Loop. If the hands cross at the belt line only, it’s a Belt Loop.

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