Double Lasso

Type    Turn
Level     Level 4 Intermediate
Other Names    DNA, Mix Master
Comes From    Cross-Handed Open PositionCrossed Arm SlideShadow PositionWindowBack LeanSide Lean, Tunnel Tabletop Combo, Tunnel 
Leads To    Inside TurnShadow PositionWrap Up DipBreak UpHigh Five SpinBack LeanSide LeanHip Push SpinTabletop, Tunnel Tabletop Combo, Ravioli Twist, Tunnel 


The Double Lasso is a cross-handed position move in which the leader sweeps his arms over his head one at a time to bring the follower around in front and behind him. The move is similar to how a roper swings a lasso over his head, but since it can be done with one hand too, this is the Double Lasso.

  1. Begin in a cross-handed position, or coming off of a cross-handed move such as the crossed arm slide.
  2. Step left as you start a spinneroo for the follow counter-clockwise.
  3. Bring your left hand low, pivot on your right foot and step the left foot through as the follow is completing the turn.
  4. Step your right foot in and turn to the left to complete the turn. Footwork for the whole move is L (pivot) L R.

Ending Set-ups:

There are many ways to end this move and lead into another move.

  • Shadow position–take the right step forward instead and keep your arms over the follow’s shoulder.
  • Break Up–lead the follow to do one more spin and bring both hands overhead as she completes the spin. Then see the steps for the Break Up.
  • Wrap-up Dip–let go with the left hand. See the steps for the Wrap Up Dip for the rest.

More ideas are presented in the video!


  • Styling: As the follow is passing behind your back you want to shorten the distance from your left hand to your left shoulder as you lengthen the distance from your right hand to your right shoulder. It’s like the motion of drying your neck off with a towel, just without the back and forth action.


  • Do the move continuously–bring your left arm over your head and the follow’s head to repeat the move.
  • From Shadow Position, you’ll need to turn the follow clockwise to cross-handed open position.

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